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Learn How to Cut Shots From Your Golf Score Over 6-8 Weeks With Gary Smith's Linear Approach.
Learn How to Cut Up To 8 Shots From Your Golf Score With Gary's Secret System!
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Host: Gary Smith

Gary has 14 years experience of working with England's top amateur stars as an EGU Technical Coach working with European Tour players including Danny Willett, Justin Rose, Chris Wood, Tommy Fleetwood, Eddie Pepperell, Andy Sullivan, Chris Paisley and Andrew 'Beef' Johnson. Gary is a Golf Monthly UK Top 25 Coach and has been awarded Advanced Fellow of the PGA for his knowledge and experience within golf.

Producer: Jerry Foley

Jerry is the user journey specialist at Gary Smith Golf Academy and is eager to help with your questions both during and after the workshop. A keen golfer with a proven track record in the delivery of digital content for the sports marketplace, Jerry has previously produced the best selling Play Better Golf CD / Video with Golf Monthly and Play Better Golf DVD with Justin Rose. Gary has also featured in both of these products.
What You'll Learn On This FREE Web Class!
Why the traditional way of teaching the short game doesn’t work. In fact, it has failed ordinary golfers for generations.

I ask the questions: "Why do golfers stand open? Why play the ball back in their stance? Why have their hands forward? Why have their feet so close together? Why hold the club way down the grip? 

Is that you? If so, you're not alone
Discover why the linear system, which is largely unheard of by the amateur club golfer, will cut shots from your game.

This is an 8-part short game improvement support system and I’m going to run through what the different parts are, and how they can help you drop shots off your game, no matter what standard of golfer you are.

Are you ready to change your ways?
I’m going to show you all how you can spend 1-2 hours per week practicing for 4-8 weeks to cut shots from your game.

A bit or practice and some minor adjustments from my linear approach system could enable you to see instant improvement, and impressive gains, even if you already have a good technique.

What if you got to drop 8 shots off your game?
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